Sportmanship of our Pupils Praised!

Our last post celebrated the teamwork and achievement of our KS2 pupils who participated in a local football competition. This morning, I was thrilled to receive an email from a teacher whose children attended the same competition. He wanted to let me know how impressed he was with  their behaviour and attitude. I will be individually passing on his comments to the children involved, but also wanted to share his email with the wider community. It is lovely to know that Longwill pupils are kind, caring and such positive individuals!

Mr Andrew Renhard wrote:

Dear Mrs Carter, I just wanted to say thanks for the grace and kindness that your staff and children showed us at the para football. Although you won and we ended up in 10th, the children and staff from your school still clapped us and shook hands with our children as they were leaving.  Thank you once again, best of luck in the next round of games and very well done.  Andrew 

Bell Hill, 
West Midlands, 
B31 1LD

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