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*Mathletics Information*

Hello Parents and children!!

Remember before, we gave a prize each term for those who did lots of work on Mathletics? From September, children didn’t do much Mathletics at home, but since the school partly closed lots of children have been doing their work on Mathletics at home, and I am so proud of the children who constantly do work every week on Mathletics. We have decided to reward all the children who do the work.

For example,

For the children who get bronze certificates , they will get a certificate on blog For the children who get silver certificates, they will get roll of honour For the children get gold certificates, they will get roll of honour AND 5 points awarded to their house team! So I will look at this term before May half term to see who has done lots of work weekly and that child will get a prize!!! Are you excited?! Go on Mathletics website. You can do 10 minutes work every day.

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