A Visitor to our school…

Colin Diamond visited our school last week. He wrote about what he saw in this week’s ‘School Noticeboard’ communication to all schools and said some lovely words about us!

This week I visited Longwill School for the Deaf in Northfield. Longwill is a jewel in the crown of deaf education. It is a regional hub of excellence that caters for primary aged children from many areas. I was so pleased to find out more about how a “si-bi” – signing bilingual school works with its dual language repertoire of signing and speaking/lip reading. Great to meet the school council and learn of the work on the Rights Respecting Award. And thanks to the pupils for taking me through my very rusty finger spelling. I can now….with their help of course….do the alphabet again.”

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Bell Hill, 
West Midlands, 
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Email : enquiry@longwill.bham.sch.uk

Phone : 0121 475 3923