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Longwill School Mission Statement

Longwill has a strong commitment to realising and celebrating the potential of our Deaf bilingual pupils.This underpins our vision, plans and action to improve and develop learning. Everyone in school has a sense of purpose, a passion for lifelong learning and a responsibility for his/her own development.Each child is viewed holistically and places a strong emphasis on personalised learning. Each and every member of the school is of equal worth. Tolerance, good behaviour and respect are therefore crucial.
We want independent free thinkers, ready for 21st century life, capable of embracing the technology of tomorrow, who are adaptable, self-reliant resourceful and tolerant of change and who can contribute to the wider community.
Longwill is a bilingual, bicultural learning environment, which strives to support and develop the communication needs and abilities of its members so that the pupils are equipped to function effectively within both the Hearing and the Deaf world; proud of their heritage and confident to move freely in whichever world they choose.
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